VIDEO: Watch What Ron DeSantis Told These Teenagers

Students at USF

( – The two videos further down this post speak volumes about the ongoing controversy surrounding the wearing or not wearing of COVID masks.

In the first video, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis approaches a podium at the University of South Florida to deliver remarks. At the same time, a small group of students is pre-positioned behind the podium for the presentation. All of the students are wearing masks.

As he gets to the podium, DeSantis says to the students, “You do not have to wear those masks. I mean, please take them off. Honestly, it’s not doing anything, and we gotta stop with this COVID theatre. So, if you want to wear it, fine. But, this is ridiculous.”

He then places his prepared remarks on the podium and shakes his head, seemingly in disgust, as he lets out a loud sigh. As he does so, some of the students still in the video frame appear to remove their masks, and at least two do not.

Pay close attention to the big grin on the kid in the center of the video frame wearing a hat. Seemingly, he was pretty happy to remove his mask.

Now watch the second video below, as it contains the same kid. Only now he’s with his mother, who is outraged that DeSantis did what he did. The mother believes DeSantis, who always champions parents’ rights, put himself between her wishes as a parent and her child – the kid with the hat.

Be that as it may, when do you think the kid was happier?

Please watch the two videos below and share your opinion by emailing [email protected]. Do you support Governor Ron DeSantis telling the college kids they should take their masks off? Why or why not? What do you make of the mother’s comments that the Governor is wrong to insert himself between what parents want their kids to do when it comes to masks and the Governor urging them to take their masks off?