Vladimir Putin Throws Shade at Joe Biden’s Weakness

Vladimir Putin

(RightIsRight.co) – After the Taliban’s lightning blitz to take over Afghanistan and its government, many Americans expressed their disagreement with President Joe Biden’s decision to quickly withdraw from the Middle Eastern nation. Now, even Russian President Vladimir Putin is joining in on the criticism of Biden, highlighting the chaos he left behind.

On Tuesday, August 24, Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu expressed his nation’s concern about the vast number of US-made weapons that have made it into the hands of the Taliban. From combat vehicles to helicopters and air defense missile systems, the Taliban now has quite the military arsenal, although it may not have the training or means to use it all.

Regardless, Shoigu emphasized that his nation hopes the Taliban forms an “inclusive government” as it moves forward in building the country.

Putin joined in on the criticism, asserting that “the chaos left by our Western colleagues” will give footing to terrorist groups in and around Afghanistan. He noted this will pose a threat to his country, as well as many others around the globe.

Other world leaders spoke with Putin about the ongoing crisis as well, shared here by India Today:

Russia spent 10 years fighting in Afghanistan in the 1980s and has no plans to go back. But, Putin didn’t let that stop him from missing his chance to criticize Biden for the US’ fumbled departure from Afghanistan. While Biden cannot redo his decisions from the past few weeks, hopefully, he’ll be able to get his act together and actually protect US citizens and allies from this point forward.

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