Was Madison Cawthorn Taken Out Last Night By The Deep State?

Madison Cawthorn

(RightIsRight.co) – Madison Cawthorn, the controversial Republican freshman United States Representative from North Carolina, lost his GOP primary race last night in his bid to win a second term, despite being supported by former President Donald Trump.

After Cawthorn revealed in recent months that he had been invited to Congressional parties where illegal drugs and sex were involved, it was widely expected that both Washington DC and North Carolina establishment Republicans would do everything they could to end Cawthorn’s political career.

Now that Cawthorn is finished, many of his supporters want to know if the Deep State took Cawthorn out in an attempt to stop additional revelations.

As the publication Axios observed about Cawthorn’s loss:

“Cawthorn’s loss comes after an avalanche of scandals that have plagued the 26-year-old incumbent, which led GOP leaders across the country to doubt his ability to serve in Congress.

“Cawthorn’s struggles led U.S. Sen Thom Tillis and two of North Carolina’s top legislative leaders to endorse Edwards [Cawthorn’s primary opponent].

“Cawthorn aggravated higher-ups in Congress by alleging…that his colleagues used cocaine and invited him to orgies earlier this year.” [emphasis added]

Cawthorn acknowledged that he had lost his race last night but did not say whether he would contest the results. Many of his faithful supporters are waiting to see if he is willing to reveal more about Washington DC’s secretive politics and illegal activities now that his party has pushed him out.

What is your view about Madison Cawthorn and why he lost his race within his own party? Please email [email protected] and share your opinion. Do you believe the Deep State ended Cawthorn’s political career because he revealed that he had been invited to congressional parties where drugs and sex were involved? Why or why not?