Was This Man Working For The FBI on Jan 6th?

Ray Epps

(RightIsRight.co) – For quite some time now, Tucker Carlson of Fox News has tried to convince Americans who watch Fox News that the violent events that took place on January 6th at the United States Capitol in Washington, DC – including the violent beating of police officers who were doing their job trying to protect the Capitol – were instigated by subversives trying to make former President Donald Trump and his followers look bad in the eyes of the American people and not the Proud Boys, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, and others closely associated with Trump.

Now, based on recent congressional testimony (watch the video below) from an FBI official during questioning by United States Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Carlson has found what he believes is more damning evidence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s and the United States Department of Justice’s direct involvement in the assault on the Capitol.

In a series of questions that you can watch in the video below, Cruz askes the FBI official if FBI agents or confidential informants were involved in the events of January 6th, including whether they were:

    • Active participants
    • Committed crimes of violence
    • Actively encouraged and incited crimes of violence

After first saying that she couldn’t go “into the specifics of sources and methods,” the FBI official said she “can’t answer that to each of the questions.

The FBI official’s answers led Carlson and many good Americans to conclude that the Department of Justice and the FBI were actively involved as participants in the violence at the Capitol.

Further, in the video you can watch below, Carlson presents evidence about Ray Epps, an individual many believe was working directly with and for the FBI on January 6th and who was filmed actively participating in the assault on the Capitol.

Please watch the video below of Carlson’s presentation and email [email protected] with your reaction and opinion. Do you believe that the FBI and Department of Justice actively participated in the violence at the United States Capitol on January 6th of 2021? Do you believe Ray Epps was working with the FBI during the assault on the Capitol?