What Did Kamala Harris Really Accomplish in Central America?

What Did Kamala Harris Really Accomplish in Central America?

(RightIsRight.co) – This past week, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Guatemala and Mexico in an attempt to identify and solve the “root causes” of the border crisis. However, even the Guatemalan President agrees that she didn’t have to travel all the way to Central America to address the issues. Instead, she and President Biden could have solved much of it right from their own desks.

Guatemala’s President Blames Biden for Border Crisis

On Wednesday, June 9, Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei spoke with Fox News about Harris’ recent trip. He told Fox News host Sara Carter that human smugglers easily “distorted” President Biden’s messages that he would reunite children with their families.

Giammattei also told Fox News he asks that the current administration needs to make its messaging “clear.” He applauded Harris’ move on Monday, June 7 when she clearly told Guatemalans “do not come” to the US border. These words from the president of Guatemala, paired with the multitude of protests from Guatemalans when Harris was actually in-country, show that it truly is Biden’s policies and lack of straight-forward rhetoric that have created this crisis.

Harris’ Trip Did Little to Address the Surge of Illegal Immigrants

The most recent numbers from US Customs and Border Patrol show that illegal crossings from Mexico to the US hit 178,348 in April and 180,034 in May of this year. Yet, Harris insists she is working to improve the situation.

When confronted with the fact she hasn’t actually been to the US border since the crisis began, Harris made an absurd comparison, replying with “I haven’t been to Europe.” With this, she minimized the plight of the thousands of children sitting in detention centers at the border and the countless towns struggling with rising crime rates from human and drug traffickers. Comparing a national crisis to another continent is disrespectful to all involved.

Finally giving way to pressure from critics on all sides, Harris did tell Univision host Ilia Calderon on Thursday night she will go to the border, although no trip is currently planned.

Was Kamala Harris Ever the Right Person for the Job?

Harris is clearly struggling to find any successes with her current assignment to address the border crisis. Perhaps this stems from her years of fighting for sanctuary policies and encouraging our nation to support illegal immigrants who end up on our shores. On top of that, Harris has delivered mixed messages to potential immigrants, promising a hopeful future while now asking them not to come.

Harris has obviously bit off more than she can chew, and it may be time for her to ask for help. Looking back over the past few years, she should be able to see precisely which policies worked to encourage legal immigration while preventing illegal crossings. She may have to eat a slice of humble pie when she finally acknowledges that it was President Donald Trump’s clear, hard-line policies that kept the border and our nation safe.

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