White House Confirms China Behind Cyber Attack Targeting US

White House Confirms China Behind Cyber Attack Targeting US

(RightIsRight.co) – Cyber attacks have hit US businesses, healthcare systems, and individuals numerous times over the past few years, peaking during the COVID-19 pandemic. While Russian-based groups have likely been to blame for many of the threats, the White House just confirmed that it’s actually China behind many of the cyber attacks our nation experienced this year.

On Monday, July 19, the White House released a statement condemning the “malicious cyber activity and irresponsible state behavior” of China. NATO, the European Union, and the United Kingdom all joined the United States in taking this strong stance against the People’s Republic of China, highlighting that the attacks have harmed economies all over the world.

PC Magazine highlighted one of the main attacks that the Chinese government was involved in:

The White House press secretary told reporters on Monday that the Biden administration is “not holding back” and is considering additional sanctions. The press briefing also announced a years-long hacking scheme by four Chinese nationals where the hackers were allegedly able to steal trade secrets, among other confidential information, from US companies and send it back to their government.

Biden has lacked backbone time and time again when faced with challenges during his six months in office. With his history of going easy on China, many Americans are skeptical he’ll respond in strength to this threat. But, as House Homeland Security Committee ranking member John Katko (R-NY) said this week, “the only thing bad guys understand is strength,” so hopefully, the president will figure out how to hold his ground and push back.

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