White House Hiding Major Biden Truth

Photo by Michael Schofield on Unsplash

During a recent White House press briefing, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre sidestepped a question about President Biden’s statement regarding his lack of visit to East Palestine, Ohio, where a significant train derailment took place earlier in the year. Fox News’ Peter Doocy pointed out that the incident happened on February 3, and although President Biden claimed he couldn’t find the time, he took several personal vacations, including a stay at a billionaire climate advocate’s Lake Tahoe mansion.

Jean-Pierre reiterated the President’s intention to visit East Palestine and cited his recent trip to an area affected by Hurricane Idalia as evidence of his commitment to connecting with the public. While no specific date for the East Palestine visit was provided, she confirmed it would happen.

The train accident in East Palestine led to the release of hazardous substances, prompting health and environmental concerns. Even though authorities vouched for the safety of the town’s air and water, some residents reported symptoms like nausea and dizziness in the aftermath.

Despite criticism for not immediately visiting the site post-derailment, President Biden committed to a visit in the future, without specifying when. This claim came close on the heels of his return from a week-long family vacation in Nevada and several Delaware visits in August.

Before his Nevada trip, President Biden paused his Delaware vacation to assess the damage in Maui following criticism of his response to the region’s fires. The President also enjoyed leisure time in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach during August, where he was seen engaging with locals and relaxing on the beach on multiple occasions.

A recent report by the New York Post highlighted that approximately 40% of Biden’s time as president has been spent on personal trips away from the White House, marking a higher percentage than any of his predecessors.