WHO Finally in Wuhan to Investigate COVID-19

WHO Finally in Wuhan to Investigate COVID-19

(RightIsRight.co) – Over a year after COVID-19 first appeared, scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) have finally been allowed to visit China to investigate how the pandemic began. The team has 13 experts from 10 countries visiting, but 2 additional members were forced to stay in Singapore after they tested positive for coronavirus antibodies.

The remaining members traveled by plane from Singapore to the Chinese city of Wuhan on Thursday, January 14. The team will quarantine for two weeks as they begin their research.

China Finally Allows WHO Scientists to “Communicate”

The WHO scientists were scheduled to arrive earlier in January, but China delayed permitting them to enter the country. So, after many setbacks and negotiations, the WHO finally was able to get authorities to agree to this visit. Team member and President of the EcoHealth Alliance Peter Daszak shared his excitement for the investigation:

However, just because the team is now in China doesn’t make this easy. Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, shared that the countries’ scientists and experts will “communicate” with the WHO team, but that leaves much to be desired.

There’s no promise that the Communist nation will deliver truthful or helpful information to researchers. The Chinese Communist Party has held many propaganda campaigns alleging that coronavirus did not start within its country and has likely published fewer cases and deaths than actually occurred.

Discovering the Origins of COVID-19

The WHO team hopes to discover just how COVID-19 jumped from animals to humans through their research, including interviews with local hospitals, doctors, and an in-depth study of the Southwest China Wholesale Seafood Market where the novel coronavirus was alleged to have begun.

Doctor Mrigank Shail shares why this information is so important:

Tensions Between WHO, China, and the US

In May of 2020, President Donald Trump announced the United States would terminate its relationship with WHO due to its inability to stand up to China. Over the coming weeks, it will be a fine line for both the United States and the WHO team to walk as they push past China’s lies to discover the true story behind COVID-19.

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