WHO Maintains China Should Have Dealt With COVID Faster

WHO Maintains China Should Have Dealt with COVID Faster

(RightIsRight.co) – Last Thursday, January 14, a team of scientists landed in China to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 virus. In partnership with this team, the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response released a progress report for the World Health Organization (WHO) detailing what has gone well, and not so well, over the past year in China’s COVID-19 response.

Within the report, the panel highlighted that China’s “public health measures could have been applied more forcefully” at the beginning of 2020. News18 shares more:

The report also criticized the WHO’s Emergency Committee for waiting until January 22, 2020, to meet, even though there were clear signs of a likely global pandemic well before that date. The panel continued on to say that the WHO’s recommendations during the outbreak had a “lack of direction, clarity and consistency” in its response.

The report shows that China clearly did not deal with coronavirus as it should have, but it also sides with President Donald Trump’s view of the WHO, in that it did not communicate effectively with the world when the virus first began to spread.

Hopefully, the scientists on the ground in Wuhan can uncover the true origins of COVID-19 to better understand and learn from both the Chinese and global response to the pandemic.

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