Whopping 90% of People in Detroit Want MORE Police

Whopping 90% of People in Detroit Want MORE Police

(RightIsRight.co) – As shootings increase in cities all across the United States, many Americans are worried for their children, friends and loved ones when they venture out for daily errands like grabbing gas or groceries. Citizens have opinions all across the spectrum on how to stop the rampant crime. One Michigan city has taken a bold stance to fund more police activity in the city, rather than less.

According to a new survey published by USA TODAY, Suffolk University, and the Detroit Free Press, approximately 90% of Detroitians said they would feel safer if more police officers were on the street. It’s vital to note, though, that one-third of city residents noted that they think the police use unnecessary force at times.

According to the US Census Bureau, 78.3% of Detroit residents are black. The poll showed that only 3% of black respondents named police reform as their top issue, while 24% highlighted public safety as the top issue facing their city.

Author Steve Hilton shared his take on the new poll:

Regardless of party, it’s clear that Detroit’s residents want a stronger and more present police force. Obviously, defunding the police will not achieve that end. Instead, citizens must work with and support their local police officers to help create the community in which they want to live.

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