Wild Police Chase Tracks Runaways Zebras

Wild Police Chase Tracks Runaways Zebras

(RightIsRight.co) – Many people enjoy seeing exotic animal species in the zoo, with an occasional person venturing to see an elephant or lion in its home habitat. However, some Illinois residents got quite the surprise recently when they saw two young zebras galavanting along the highway.

During fall festivities at the Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard in Pingree Grove, Illinois, a male and female zebra managed to sneak out of their indoor pens and head to the great outdoors. People nearby saw the pair wandering through farmers’ fields and crossing Route 47 near Chicago quite a few times.

The pumpkin patch teamed up with law enforcement and zoo workers to keep the animals from crossing Interstate 90. After nearly a two-hour pursuit, the search party captured the zebras unharmed.

AP’s Oddities section shared more about the quirky chase:

Not surprisingly, quite a few drivers gawked at the striped pair, many taking humorous photos and videos to share on social media. However, Jacob Goebbert, an employee of the farm, has not yet figured out how the animals got out in the first place, highlighting that both their pens and the doors they passed through are typically locked. For now, though, animal lovers can simply celebrate that both zebras made it home safe and sound.

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