Woke Culture Reportedly Destroying US Navy

Woke Culture Reportedly Destroying US Navy

(RightIsRight.co) – The US military has long boasted that it’s the best in the world. In theory, it’s ready for battle at any given moment, and the multiple branches can work together to take down just about any foe. However, for years, there has been a growing softness to the US Navy that operatives have seen from the inside, and a recent report about the Navy’s surface fleet shows that woke culture may be crippling our military.

July Report Shows Concerning Findings in Terms of US Navy Readiness

A recent report from the US Navy has detailed the “numerous cultural and structural issues that impact the morale and readiness of the Navy’s surface force.” These issues include:

  • Micromanagement
  • Over-sensitivity and responsiveness to modern media culture
  • Lack of focus on warfighting skills
  • Lack of resources for war training programs
  • Delayed ship maintenance

The report surveyed seamen for more information on whether recent incidents, such as the surrender of a small vessel to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Arabian Gulf, have arisen in part because of leadership and cultural issues within the Navy. Strikingly, 94% of those interviewed agreed poor leadership led to such issues.

Lawmakers Raise Awareness on Harrowing Report

On Monday, July 12, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) joined Republican Reps. Jim Banks (IN), Dan Crenshaw (TX), and Mike Gallagher (WI) to raise awareness of the “very concerning” report. They highlighted how critical a strong Navy is right now, as China is ramping up its military to rival and exceed ours.

The lawmakers explained that incidents in recent months, like the collision of the USS McCain in the South China Sea and the complete loss of the USS Bonhomme Richard, are clear signs the Navy is struggling. While the report emphasized no one person can be held responsible for the Navy’s “drift”, it’s critical everyone works together to fix it.

What Needs to Change?

The Navy report said that while nonessential training, such as sexual assault and suicide prevention, is “appropriate” in many circumstances, these programs are coming at a cost. They leave less time for on-the-job warship training while they “clog inboxes” and “create administrative quagmires.”

As the US Navy moves forward from this report, it must remember that, first and foremost, its job is to uphold our national security. In order to do so, it must be the strongest in the world. It cannot let the current cultural shift dictate its training.

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