Woman Busted After Commenting on Her Own ‘Most Wanted’ Post

Woman Busted After Commenting on Her Own 'Most Wanted' Post

(RightIsRight.co) – Police officers and detectives don’t always catch the bad guy; some criminals are just a bit too good at covering their own tracks. For others, the arrest is actually quite easy. One such instance involves a woman from Oklahoma who was easily tracked down by police after posting a sassy joke on a police department’s Facebook post about her.

On Wednesday, July 14, Lorraine Graves, a woman now charged with being an accessory to murder, commented on the Tulsa Police Department’s “Weekly Most Wanted” photo of her. The alleged criminal asked the authorities, “where’s the reward money,” and other readers quickly replied to her comment telling her that police can track people using social media.

Now This shared the humorous incident on Twitter:

The next day, detectives tracked Graves to north Tulsa where they placed her under arrest. Her bond is set at $500,000. Graves is suspected of being involved in the death of Eric Graves, a man fatally shot in March. Two other people have already been charged with murder in the case.

While Graves did not make the wisest move for someone on the run, she certainly made it easy for detectives to track her down. For those mourning the loss of Eric Graves, this arrest was likely a breath of fresh air as Lorraine must now come face-to-face with the US justice system.

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