Woman Calls Democratic Governor a Sociopathic Liar Following Scandal

Woman Calls Democratic Governor a Sociopathic Liar Following Scandal

(RightIsRight.co) – Many Democratic governors used COVID-19 to further their own liberal agendas, often leaving a wake of destruction, or in some cases death, in their path. In New York, investigations have uncovered egregious abuses of power from Governor Andrew Cuomo that have pushed some lawmakers to call for his resignation.

Recent reports show that the Cuomo administration purposefully concealed data about nursing home deaths due to COVID-19 last year. US House Representative Claudia Tenney (R-NY) asked multiple times for a federal investigation into the issue and is now rallying for Cuomo’s resignation. In an interview with Andrew Wilkow on Blaze TV on Friday, February 12, Tenney called Cuomo a “sociopathic liar” and made it clear in a statement that he has “lost the public’s trust.”

She shared more thoughts on Twitter:

Congresswoman Tenney is fighting for New Yorkers who have already lost their lives and for those who may lose their lives or livelihood if Governor Cuomo stays in office any longer. Hopefully, many New Yorkers will rally behind her calls for Cuomo to resign to secure the state’s future and bring justice to all those who have already been damaged by Cuomo’s negligent policies.

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