Woman Told to Not Use Cuomo’s Name Regarding His Mishandling of COVID

Woman Told to Not Use Cuomo's Name Regarding His Mishandling of COVID

(RightIsRight.co) – Most media interviews appear to be candid, allowing the interviewees to speak freely about what’s on their minds. However, in a recent interview between Dawn Best, an American who lost her mom in April of last year, and NBC News, the news anchor coached Best’s wording in order to avoid bad publicity for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D).

Dawn Best shared the story of how an NBC news anchor asked her to change her sentence from “Governor Cuomo failed us” to “New York failed us” with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade:

Best lost her mother to dehydration in April 2020, shortly after Governor Cuomo asked nursing homes to expedite residents to return from hospitals, even if they still had COVID-19. This order caused a rise in outbreaks in the nursing homes, whose deaths were vastly underreported according to a new report from the New York State Attorney General.

Best’s mother was likely a victim of the unrelenting stress Cuomo forced onto nursing homes and their workers.

While Cuomo’s actions caused more harm than good, many mainstream media outlets are trying to cover up the Governor’s shortcomings. Reporters’ jobs are to give facts and allow people to share their first-hand accounts of situations, not skew their words in order to protect politicians.

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