‘You Idiot Liberals’

(RightIsRight.co) – Unleashing a scathing critique at “idiot liberals,” comedian Bill Burr particularly targeted liberals’ handling of former President Donald Trump and the recent charges against him during a candid interview on leftwing ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

In a direct conversation with the host Jimmy Kimmel, a noted critic of Trump, Burr expressed his frustration with liberals’ approach to Trump, stating that their actions have inadvertently turned him into a martyr, setting the stage for his political comeback.

“You want to see a great case thing on narcissism. Liberals are so f—ing stupid the way that they handle Trump,” Burr declared on the show, expressing his disbelief that the choice for the next presidential election seems to be narrowing down to Trump and Joe Biden.

He suggested that a younger candidate in their 40s should be elected, who would have to live with the consequences of their decisions for years after leaving office. This comes amid growing concerns about Biden’s age, as he turned 81 last month and is currently the oldest president in American history.

Burr emphasized the absurdity of the situation, comparing Trump to “The Twist” author and saying, “I think he was a one-hit wonder. He wrote ‘The Twist,’ and then that was it. He was on the casino circuit and then you idiot liberals wrote him ‘The Twist’ again when you indicted him and now he’s a martyr. He’s coming back, Jimmy. He’s coming back. It’s gonna be great for comedy, he’s coming back.”

Not limiting his criticism to just liberals, Burr also poked fun at Trump supporters. He recalled an incident where his wife expressed her dislike for Trump at a UFC event, which he used to highlight the hypocrisy he sees in some of Trump’s supporters.

“Those Trump guys, they’re always going, ‘ah, you’re snowflakes, F your feelings,’ and all of that. And then you make fun of Trump, they’re like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s so disrespectful!’ It’s like you’re saying, ‘F Joe Biden!’ You can’t have it both ways!”

While Burr’s comedy doesn’t predominantly focus on politics, he is known for his unique and often heterodox viewpoints that challenge the traditional right-vs-left political framework. In his work, including his Netflix comedy “Old Dads,” Burr explores themes of political correctness and generational divides, often with a satirical edge.