BIG: ‘Squad’ Democrats Lose

( – Even after being endorsed by several members of the far-left “Squad” House Democrats, former County commissioner Susheela Jayapal lost the Democratic Primary for Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District.

Jayapal was defeated by Maxine Dexter, who outpaced a competitive group of progressives.

Dexter’s win means she will replace the long-serving Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer in a district that encompasses a significant portion of Portland, Oregon.

This district has been a stronghold for the Democratic Party and is expected to remain so in the upcoming November election.

It spans most of Multnomah County, all of Hood County, and parts of Clackamas County, where Democrats significantly outnumber Republicans by a ratio of three-to-one.

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting, the leading candidates—Jayapal, Dexter, and Morales—shared similar views on many issues, which reflects the district’s predominantly Democratic alignment.

Blumenauer, who has been a Congressional figure since 1996, announced his retirement last year.

In an interview, he expressed his concerns about the current state of Congress, noting the evident fractures within the majority party.

“I think, in this circumstance, I can – on the things I care about most – I can have as much or more impact as a civilian,” Blumenauer remarked.

He further commented on the deep and seemingly irreconcilable divisions with Republican colleagues, stating:

“It’s quite clear the way this Congress started, that there were deep, deep, irreconcilable divisions with my Republican colleagues,” and “And it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better.”

“It’s troubling. But, you know, we’ll try our best this next year to help move some things,” he added, indicating a challenging yet hopeful outlook for the future.

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