Pope: Closing US Border Is ‘Madness’ (Video)

(RightIsRight.co) – Pope Francis sharply criticized measures to restrict migration at the U.S.-Mexico border, specifically calling out Texas’s actions to hinder a Catholic charity as “madness.”

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In an interview on “60 Minutes” with Norah O’Donnell, the Pope urged American leaders to be more forgiving toward illegals. “Migration is something that makes a country grow,” he pointed out, adding humorously.

“They say that you Irish migrated and brought the whiskey, and that the Italians migrated and brought the mafia. Migrants sometimes suffer a lot. They suffer a lot,” he added.

In February, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) targeted Annunciation House—a Catholic charity providing temporary shelter to migrants—with allegations of illegal activities.

“That is madness. Sheer madness,” Francis remarked about efforts to close the border and block such humanitarian actions. “To close the border and leave them there, that is madness.”

Pope Francis emphasized the importance of welcoming migrants, stating, “The migrant has to be received,” and acknowledged that while some may eventually need to return to their home countries, each case should be treated with compassion.

“Thereafter, you see how you are going to deal with him. Maybe you have to send him back, I don’t know, but each case ought to be considered humanely.”

Although a Texas judge halted Paxton’s subpoena against Annunciation House in March, the Attorney General’s office lodged a new complaint against the charity just last Friday.

The Pope’s pointed comments coincide with another congressional deadlock on border reform.

Following the collapse of a bipartisan deal in February, efforts to renew negotiations have been minimal, with the topic being labeled a “crisis” by Republicans.

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