Illegals Captured Where?

( – Demonstrating that illegal aliens’ ability to cross the American border can happen almost anywhere along the border, the U.S. Coast Guard captured and shipped 101 migrants back to the Dominican Republic after finding them at sea.

According to a press release, Coast Guard Cutter Joseph Tezanos returned the maritime migrants early this week after intercepting three different crafts carrying them.

Commander Gerard Wenk of the San Jose Sector expressed the Coast Guard’s continuous collaboration with local, federal, and Dominican Republic Navy partners to stop illegal maritime migration in the Mona Passage.

“These voyages are extremely dangerous since they most often take place aboard grossly overloaded vessels that are unseaworthy and continuously take on water,” Wenk said.

He continued, “These conditions, along with unpredictable weather patterns in the Mona Passage, could cause a vessel to capsize without notice, resulting in loss of life. Don’t take to the sea.”

The most rеcent ship intercepted was described as ” a grossly overloaded makeshift vessеl” spotted on Sunday night by a Coast Guard HC-144 Ocean Sentry aircraft, which led to the rеscue of 34 Dominican migrants.

Earlier that day, a tugboat captain alerted the Coast Guard about migrant stowaways on a towed barge. Eventually, 11 migrants, 10 from the Dominican Republic and one from Haiti, were retrieved.

In a prior incident, 57 migrants—51 from the Dominican Republic and six from Haiti—were located northwest of Puerto Rico aboard another crowded makeshift vessel on Saturday.

Officials confirmed that all the migrants were repatriated on Monday.

Between October 1st and the end of last month, the Coast Guard disclosed having intercepted 932 migrants in the Mona Passage—890 from the Dominican Republic, 41 from Haiti, and one from Venezuela.

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