RFK Jr. On Ballot in Key State

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

(RightIsRight.co) – Confirming that former Democrat now Independent candidates might have a chance in the upcoming elections, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s bid for the presidency is expanding its reach as North Carolina joined the roster of battleground states where he has secured a spot.

The Independent candidate’s team stated that he has enough signatures to list him as a contender under the “We The People” party, tallying 23,000 pledges of support in the purple state.

“We have the field teams, volunteers, legal teams, paid circulators, supporters, and strategists ready to get the job done,” Kennedy’s campaign press secretary Stefanie Spear said in a recent statement announcing the news.

North Carolina, a pivotal swing state in the 2024 election has become a key focus for all sides, including potential third-party contenders.

In the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump narrowly won the state, giving Republicans a slight advantage and prompting Democrats to intensify their efforts to secure it this time around.

With North Carolina in the mix, Kennedy’s tally of states where he is qualified for the ballot now stands at five, including Utah, New Hampshire, and Hawaii.

However, in Nevada, while he met the signature requirement, he has not yet announced a vice-presidential pick which raised questions about whether he will need to gather signatures again.

Polling generally shows Biden and Trump closely matched and Kennedy clear of other candidates outside the major parties.

While the debate continues about whether Biden or Trump stands to lose most votes to Kennedy, Democrats have historical reason to be fearful, given recent election results.

Kennedy’s team hopes that the selection of Nicole Shanahan as his running mate will bolster his ballot access efforts. Shanahan, a tech lawyer with ties to Google’s co-founder, brings strategic value to the campaign’s outreach plan.

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