Russian Assassination Team in US?

( – In a grave development that instantly raised alarms among intelligence circles, a 2021 event saw an FBI agent in Florida go through a series of odd incidents that affected her health.

The agent in question suffered an intense and painful sensation in her ear, similar to an aggressive dental procedure, right before her phone’s battery inexplicably expanded, breaking its case. Shortly afterward, she lost consciousness.

This episode left her grappling with memory and cognitive challenges, all symptoms of what is widely known as “Havana Syndrome.”

This condition was spotlighted in a collaborative investigation by 60 Minutes, Der Spiegel and The Insider, which pointed to Unit 29155, a secret Russian group known for assassination missions and for being part of the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service.

This revelation ties into reports from several American diplomats worldwide, including in Cuba, China, Russia and even the U.S., who have recounted sudden, severe headaches, vertigo and nausea that led to diagnoses of traumatic brain injury.

Theories around the cause of Havana Syndrome range from pesticide exposure to microwave weapons deployed by enemy nations. Although there were previous hints of Russian involvement and warnings from the CIA about potential retaliation, the CIA has largely dismissed these incidents as non-malicious in nature.

However, this latest probe asserts a direct link to Russia’s Unit 29155, whose members have reportedly been recognized for testing “non-lethal acoustic weapons.”

The investigation uncovered evidence, including communication records, flight logs and personal accounts, that suggest the unit had a role in several cases.

Among the narratives is that of “Joy,” who reported her symptoms in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2021. She identified a suspicious individual who resembled Albert Averyanov, a known operative of Unit 29155, from the time surrounding her symptoms.

Former CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos shared his disturbing experience in Moscow in 2017, where he endured severe vertigo and was left with permanent migraine since the incident.

“I was falling over. I had no control,” he stated. “Everything was spinning so wildly.” In the aftermath of the incident, he has had to fight for federal support for his treatment.

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