Trump Makes Big Endorsement

( – Former President Donald Trump, gaining a massive score among his supporters while demonstrating support for businessmen, endorsed GOP entrepreneur Eric Hovde for Wisconsin Senate bid during a campaign rally early this week.

Trump, the favorite Republican presidential nominee, has a history of backing GOP primary candidates, often helping them secure victories. A couple of days ago, he supported Hovde, CEO of Sunwest Bank, in his bid against Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, a state pivotal to Trump’s 2024 campaign.

Trump remarked during his speech, “[He’s] a man who’s doing really good…he’s just about even in the polls, I see it. He’s a handsome devil…U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde. “Eric, I am giving you my complete and total endorsement, so go out and win…you’d better win. We always win.”

Moreover, Hovde returned the favor to Trump when he endorsed him for president on Feb. 22. His campaign has received support from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which recruited him after two incumbent House Republicans declined to run.

According to WisPolitics, since announcing his candidacy, Hovde has raised over $1 million. His campaign focuses on the cost of living, illegal immigration, healthcare, and foreign policy.

Hovde wrote on his campaign website, “We have always been a nation of immigrants, but the American Dream should be pursued legally through the appropriate channels.”

He highlighted, “[T]he Biden-Baldwin open border policy is fueling a crisis on our southern border and many people have lost their lives because of it. Our laws need to be enforced and our borders strengthened if we want to keep our streets safe and protect the lives of U.S. citizens and migrants.”

The businessman has the backing of Wisconsin’s Republican House members and former Governor Scott Walker. However, in hypothetical polling, he trails former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who has hinted at a possible run. Wisconsin’s Republican senatorial primary is set for Aug. 13.

According to a poll by the Michigan Information & Research Service, Trump’s endorsement could give Hovde a significant boost, similar to how it propelled former Representative Mike Rogers to frontrunner status in Michigan’s Senate race.

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