$500/Month To Do WHAT?!


(RightIsRight.co) – In a shock to law-abiding citizens who are hurting financially because of the high inflation of recent years, Michigan is launching a program that will pay citizens $500 a month to house “migrants” in their homes.

The program, named the Newcomer Rental Subsidy, will provide housing for “refugees” outside of state shelters. This aid will be accessible to homeowners for up to a year.

According to the state, eligible individuals include refugees, asylees, special immigration visa holders, victims of human trafficking, Cuban and Haitian entrants, Afghan nationals, and Ukrainian humanitarian parolees.

Others who qualify include individuals who arrived under the Family Reunification Parole Process for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia, those who have pending asylum applications, and other immigrants on a case-by-case basis.

Executive Director of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority Amy Hovey stated that the program would help migrants “build a new life here.”

She also stated, “This program is truly a win-win, as it addresses the most pressing barrier to refugee resettlement by meeting housing needs while setting up families for success with increased employment and opportunity.”

The state-funded Michigan Housing and Community Development Fund is responsible for paying the program a total of $4 million. The program aims to support migrants settling in Michigan.

Michigan served as the final destination for migrants from various countries, which included the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Sudan, Burma, and Ukraine, with more than 700 migrants arriving in 2022 alone.

Michigan is not alone in offering financial incentives to homeowners to host migrants.

In December, officials and activists in Denver also urged local citizens to accommodate migrants, which aimed to ease the burden on the City of Detroit, which has faced challenges in covering the costs of housing undocumented immigrants under the Biden administration.

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