King Charles Close to Death?

( – As King Charles’ health condition progressively deteriorates, Buckingham Palace is preparing for his funeral, which they started planning right after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

The 75-year-old king has been mostly staying out of public view since he told everyone he had cancer in February and people close to the palace say things are not looking good.

A source described as an old friend of the royal family told the outlet, “Of course he is determined to beat it and they are throwing everything at it. Everyone is staying optimistic, but he is really very unwell. More than they are letting on.”

However, King Charles has not said what kind of cancer he has, but he said it was not prostate cancer, which is usually easier to treat.

Likewise, the palace has not disclosed much about his health, but insiders and commentators have said he is responding well to treatment.

Behind the scenes, his aides are regularly looking at a big document about his funeral plans, called “Operation Menai Bridge.”

“The plans are being kept up to date. It’s what you’d expect when the king has cancer. But it’s making everyone focus,” said someone who used to work for the palace.

The document was made right after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in 2022 and is using her funeral as a guide to make sure everything goes smoothly for King Charles.

In addition, military officials said they regularly update Operation Menai Bridge, which they say is normal and not a sign of anything bad.

All the royal family members have their own funeral plans, with code names related to bridges. Queen Elizabeth’s plan was called “Operation London Bridge.”

A senior official involved in the planning of royal funerals said, “Of course they are looking at every aspect of Menai Bridge. The Queen’s funeral went like clockwork and set a high bar. It’s not an emotional thing, it’s a job, one taken very seriously, and understandably no one plans to get caught out.”

Another official said the military always plans for the worst. “It’s a big operation. Charles was involved with the Parachute Regiment, so they’ll be there too.”

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