Superstar Model: ‘I Just Want To Live My Life’ (Video)

( – Police body camera footage revealed superstar model Gisele Bündchen broke into tears and upset over being followed by paparazzi after officers stopped her in Surfside.

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Although Surfside Police did not write up a report, it was unclear why officers pulled over the supermodel.

In the footage, an officer approached Bündchen in her SUV and instructed her to roll down her window.

Bündchen replied, “There’s paparazzi right there.” She eventually lowered her window halfway and pointed out someone trying to take her photos.

She kept pointing out while saying that he [the paparazzi] was inside a grey car. However, the police officer told the supermodel that he could not do anything about the situation.

The officer then seemed to confront the paparazzi following Bündchen and said, “Leave my traffic stop.”

Returning to Bündchen’s SUV, the officer issued a warning, offering her a courtesy while acknowledging that he knew who she was but could not do anything.

The officer suggested that Bündchen file a report with Miami Beach, but the model started to cry while saying that the guy was stalking her.

“What do you need, why are you crying?” the officer inquired. “I’m so tired, everywhere I go I have this (expletive) guy after me, nothing protects me,” Bündchen cried.

She expressed that she could not do anything without being followed and she stressed in frustration that she just wanted to live her life.

Even though the officer’s final response did not comfort Bündchen, he highlighted one more time that he could not stop them from doing their job, which was to take pictures.

“I don’t even know how that’s allowed,” she remarked while she drove away.

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