Arrested for Doing WHAT?!


( – A shocking case emerged from California where Luis Aroyo-Lopez, a 24-year-old man identifiable by his distinct “420” and marijuana leaf tattoo on his head, was apprehended in San Francisco. He is accused of gruesomely decapitating a female family member, with authorities suggesting that he may have fled the scene with the victim’s head.

The arrest followed a two-day manhunt that began when Santa Rosa police officers were called to a residence on Pomo Trail at approximately 3:40 p.m. last week. Upon their arrival, they discovered the decapitated body of a woman in the house. The victim’s head was conspicuously missing from the scene.

During the investigation, authorities identified Aroyo-Lopez as a resident of Santa Rosa and a relative of the deceased, whom he is suspected of murdering before fleeing the location. A report by FOX2 KTVU’s Henry Lee, posted on social media platform X, cited family members claiming that the victim was Aroyo-Lopez’s grandmother.

While Aroyo-Lopez was on the run, it was believed he might still have been in possession of the decapitated head. The circumstances of his capture in San Francisco were not initially disclosed, nor was it confirmed whether the missing head had been found following his arrest.

The backdrop to this gruesome crime includes Aroyo-Lopez’s prior engagement with the law; his criminal record is marred with violence, including convictions for assault with a deadly weapon and weapons charges, though these incidents were not connected to the recent homicide.

Aroyo-Lopez was no stranger to the penal system, having been recently released from state prison. He was under post-release community supervision at the time of the alleged homicide.

As the community reels from the brutality of the crime, the Santa Rosa Police Department has withheld further specifics about the homicide and subsequent arrest of Aroyo-Lopez. They have indicated that additional information will be released in due course.