Bed Bugs Found Where?

( – In an unexpected but repulsive incident, staffers from MSNBC’s Manhattan headquarters faced a bed bug predicament which forced them to evacuate from studio 3A only a few hours ahead of the Super Tuesday election coverage.

An internal memo disclosed that an ‘unidentified insect’ appeared in the studio, which is home of The Rachel Maddow Show and crucial election coverage.

Other studios located on the third floor of the MSNBC headquarters were promptly closed and an exterminator’s intervened as soon as possible, covered the studio, green rooms and control room.

The memo outlined, ‘An environmental K-9 detection team will ensure the remediation efforts were complete and will take an extra pass, through extended areas of newsrooms [on the third floor].’

Amid the scramble to manage the situation, an NBC source mentioned that the bugs were scrambling and they have already been borrowing unused local studios due to space constraints.

Despite the disruption the studios reopened about an hour after the memo which allowed MSNBC anchors to resume their roles for the upcoming Super Tuesday coverage.

As voters from 15 states prepared for the polls, former President Donald Trump was notably victorious in early contests.

This year, 15 states will vote on Super Tuesday: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

For Republicans voters will decide between 865 delegates, mostly one-third of the total, and a large amount of the 1,215 a candidate needs to secure the party’s presidential nomination.

The bed bug episode added an unexpected twist to the already tense Super Tuesday preparations which emphasized the need for meticulous repair and a renewed focus on the consequential primaries.

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