Biden Gets Very Bad News

Joe Biden

( – Democrats are opening their eyes and looking at reality, as they are deeply concerned about Joe Biden’s potential for reelection, given public perceptions of him as “old, slowing down,” and “feeble.”

Recent polls reveal that many Democrats are anxious about Biden’s capacity to carry out his duties as he is now 80 years old. Furthermore, many Americans think he might be too old and senile to serve another term and are worried about his overall health and cognitive sharpness.

Discussing these apprehensions, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) stated to Politico’s Jonathan Martin, “I think it’s important to confront it [worry].” On the same topic, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) commented, “I think you got to be as public as you possibly can in addressing issues, and that’s how you can settle it,” and added, “But it’s not going to be easy because he is [going to be] 82 years old.”

These concerns stem from polling data and focus groups in which participants frequently described Biden with terms like “old, slowing down,” and in some harsher but downright accurate, “dementia or feeble.” A pollster cited by Politico mentioned that, even when prompted, many respondents struggled to recall any significant achievements of Biden.

Insiders from the Democratic Party, as reported by Politico, indicate that Biden hasn’t made significant efforts to address or change this prevailing negative perception.

Additionally, some have noted Biden’s reluctance to use hearing aids, though this is just one of his several health issues. He has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, peripheral neuropathy in his feet, and hyperlipidemia. However, following his February examination, physician Kevin O’Connor claimed that Biden remains fit to fulfill the responsibilities of the presidency. Still, questions arise about Biden’s interactions with the media and his capacity to effectively challenge Republican viewpoints.

For instance, Politico highlighted an instance when Biden was questioned about the public’s economic concerns. Instead of addressing the issue directly or challenging Republican approaches, he expressed dissatisfaction with media coverage.

While Democrats grapple with these concerns about Biden’s age and health, some Republicans argue that targeting his mental or physical health may not be the best strategy for the 2024 elections. They believe the focus should be on Biden’s policies, which they view as unsuccessful.

Recent poll numbers show that Biden has faced challenges gaining approval for his stance on various issues. For instance, only 35% of respondents approved of how he’s handling inflation, 38% on his immigration policies, and 37% on his approach to violence and crime. Approval ratings were only slightly better for his efforts against terrorism (43%) and his foreign policy (42%).