Chris Christie’s Dire Prediction

( – Chris Christie, the former Governor of New Jersey and a candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, made an ominous prediction on FNC’s “Your World” regarding the Republican Party’s need to nominate someone other than Donald Trump for the 2024 election, citing significant legal issues surrounding the former president.

According to Christie, “The walls are closing in around him. I understand that, and more importantly, he understands that.”

He commented on his experience in 2020 when he regularly prepared Trump for debates against Joe Biden, noting that Mark Meadows, then Chief of Staff, was intimately involved in the White House’s workings. “I can tell you that Mark Meadows was velcroed to Donald Trump’s hip in the White House at that time,” Christie explained, highlighting Meadows’ extensive knowledge of Trump’s actions and words.

Christie’s concerns were further amplified by recent developments involving Meadows’ cooperation with special counsel Jack Smith.

He discussed on Fox News with Neil Cavuto about ABC News’ reporting that Meadows testified against Trump before a grand jury in exchange for immunity. This information surfaced as Christie also commented on Trump being fined $10,000 for violating a gag order in a New York civil fraud lawsuit.

Christie expressed his dismay at Trump’s attempts to influence and intimidate Meadows, who he believes is now a witness for the government against Trump. “His conduct is showing you the walls are closing in on him,” Christie emphasized, urging the Republican Party to reconsider its stance. “The Republican party needs to look at this and say no matter what you think of what kind of president Donald Trump was, this is not going to be a pretty campaign if he’s the nominee of our party. We need to pull away from the precipice here and pick someone that will actually make Joe Biden the focus of the next election, not Donald Trump.”

Adding to his critique, Christie highlighted Trump’s challenges with legal representation, recounting a conversation from December 2020. Trump had inquired why he struggled to secure good lawyers, to which Christie responded, “There’s two reasons: one, you don’t listen to advice, and two, you don’t pay your bills. Lawyers aren’t going to work for somebody that does either of those, let alone both.”

Christie’s remarks and observations indicate a deep concern about the direction of the Republican Party and the potential implications of Trump’s legal entanglements on the upcoming presidential election.