Democrat Calls for Riots – Video

( – Emphasizing the antipatriotic nature of Democrats across the country, a local Democratic lawmaker from Tennessee showcased her party’s willingness to break the law by calling for riots after the Republican-dominated state Senate passed a bill.

Watch the video below.

The law prompting State Sen. Charlane Oliver to urge leftwingers to wreak havoc prohibits municipalities from limiting their police departments’ ability to conduct specific types of traffic stops.

Oliver criticized the bill, led by Republican state Sen. Brent Taylor, as racially motivated and a direct affront to the memory of Tyre Nichols, a black man who died following an altercation with Memphis police officers.

“Yes, we are emotionally charged. Why? Because it’s personal for us. Taylor made this personal the minute he introduced this legislation to target one family and one life that was lost. So yeah, we gonna fight,” Oliver asserted.

She then proceeded to justify her calls for chaos by invoking Martin Luther King Jr., saying:

“Dr. King said that riots are the language of the unheard. You ain’t seen nothing yet. If you keep silencing us like this, what do you think our district is going to do? We have had it up here. Gloves are off. Like, we gonna fight like hell. You don’t expect us to respond when you gaslight us every single day with these bills?”

The bill came as a reaction to a Memphis city ordinance intended to limit traffic stops for minor violations, a measure taken in the aftermath of Nichols’ death. Oliver’s speech heightened tensions in the debate over policing practices. She went as far as labeling the legislation as a revival of Jim Crow policies while saying Republicans acted in a manner similar to Confederates.

In contrast, Sen. Brent Taylor defended the bill as a necessary step toward empowering law enforcement to address crime effectively and highlighted support even from residents in blue districts.

“I have been hearing from people in Democrat districts who have thanked me for passing this important legislation,” Taylor explained. “These community members are tired of crime and bad policies that don’t allow police to do their jobs.”

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