Don Lemon Wanted WHAT from Elon Musk?!

( – Don Lemon submitted a wish list asking SpaceX boss Elon Musk to launch him into orbit for the first-ever extraterrestrial podcast.

“First podcast in space to be hosted by Don (via SpaceX),” The Post bulleted line item reads.

The literally out-of-this-world ask was on a document Lemon’s agents at United Talent Agency sent to Musk’s social media site.

The document also included demands for a $5 million advance on top of an $8 million base salary, equity in the company, and veto power over the site’s news content policies and roster of creators.

The Post reviewed the file, which was sent last December, a month before Musk and Lemon announced their partnership to host the fired CNN anchor’s show on X.

X executives were also taken aback when Lemon requested that a private jet take him and his partner to Las Vegas for a tech conference. The company footed the bill for the plane and a stay at a suite in a swanky hotel on the Strip.

Vice Chairman at United Talented Agency (UTA) Jay Sures told The Post: “This is absolute, complete utter nonsense without an iota of truth to it.”

Recently, Lemon’s representatives denied that their client made those demands while Lemon’s spokesperson, Allison Gollust, also tried to shoot down the report.

“There is nothing in your list of demands that you claim Don made of X that is true. Literally nothing,” she said.

SpaceX, along with Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, have charged millions of dollars to launch daring tourists to the edge of space. A glance at SpaceX’s website shows that a flight aboard its “ride share program” can cost as low as $300,000.

Musk fired Lemon a few days ago before his debut episode even aired, after taping what turned into a testy interview on March 8. Lemon grilled the tech mogul on his political views, his reported drug use, and his content moderation policies.

Musk’s move prompted Lemon to accuse Musk of revoking his pledge to allow unfettered speech on X. But Musk pulled the plug after he deemed Lemon to be “dull” and “underwhelming” and added that he had no wish to indulge Lemon’s “approach” which was “basically just ‘CNN, but on social media.’”

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