Infamous Murderer Confesses


( – Eighteen years after the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, Joran van der Sloot finally confessed to her murder.

The shocking revelation came in an Alabama courtroom where van der Sloot faced charges for extorting money from Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway. Van der Sloot, a Dutch citizen, was always a prime suspect in the case.

Natalee Holloway went missing in 2005 during a high school graduation trip. She was last seen leaving a bar with van der Sloot.

His confession closed a case that had gripped the nation for almost two decades. While speaking to the press, Beth Holloway stated, “Joran van der Sloot is no longer the suspect in my daughter’s murder. He is the killer.” She also revealed that after murdering her daughter, van der Sloot went home to watch explicit content.

Van der Sloot’s confession was part of a plea deal related to extortion and wire fraud charges. In exchange for revealing the location of Holloway’s body, he had asked her family for $250,000. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for this crime, which will run concurrently with a 28-year sentence he’s serving in Peru for another murder.

During the sentencing, Beth Holloway confronted van der Sloot, saying, “You are a killer and I want you to remember that every time that jail cell door slams.” She also commented on his appearance, stating, “You look like hell, Joran.”

Court documents detailed van der Sloot’s confession, describing how he and Holloway were on a beach in Aruba. When she resisted his advances, he became violent, eventually using a cinder block to end her life. He then disposed of her body in the sea.

Although van der Sloot had been previously arrested in connection with Holloway’s disappearance, he was released due to insufficient evidence. Her body was never found, but a judge declared her dead.

The case drew massive attention, with Holloway’s last moments being seen leaving a bar with van der Sloot. Prosecutors stated that he agreed to take $25,000 from Beth Holloway to disclose the location of her daughter’s remains. However, he later admitted that the information he provided was false.

Van der Sloot fled Aruba and was later arrested in Peru for another murder. The Peruvian government agreed to extradite him to the U.S. to face charges related to Holloway’s case.

Reflecting on the long journey to justice, Beth Holloway stated, “It has been a very long and painful journey.” Natalee’s father, Dave Holloway, also expressed his sentiments in court documents, asserting their belief in van der Sloot’s guilt and their hope for divine judgment on him and any accomplices.