Sheriff Slams Newsom

( – Following the outcome of a damaging leftwing initiative that has slowly destroyed the liberal bastion, Sheriff Chad Bianco of Riverside County, California, is spearheading a movement to reverse a 2012 ballot.

According to the sheriff, the initiative in question has contributed to the state’s homelessness and crime challenges, so he is urging Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom to support the reversal.

“California, we’re in a very trying time right now when it comes to public safety and for the most part, from a law enforcement perspective, we can say that, we can attribute the majority of our issues that we are having, or at least, there’s some type of a correlation to them, to the passage of Prop 47 in 2012,” Bianco said.

Enacted over a decade ago, Proposition 47 reclassified several felonies, such as retail and property theft, into misdemeanors.

This legislation mandates that thefts under $950 are considered misdemeanors even for repeated offenses. The law also transformed various drug possession offenses from felonies to misdemeanors.

Bianco stated voters were deceived regarding the measure, which he believes has led to a decline in public safety standards.

Quite frankly, we were lied to and misled by our state, in that the name and the description on the ballot was not something that we were getting,” Bianco stated.

He added:

“We voted for a proposition that was named the Safe Schools and the Safe Streets Initiative and it contained absolutely nothing to do with safe streets or safe schools, and it was everything that is bad about public safety right now, directly contributing to the increase in homelessness, mental health and drug addiction.”

Bianco is championing a ballot measure this November named the Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act.

This proposed legislation aims to reverse the reduction of narcotics possession penalties and empower judges to recommend rehabilitation for drug and substance abuse issues.

Additionally, it would allow prosecutors to accumulate the value of multiple thefts to surpass the $950 threshold established by Proposition 47, effectively addressing serial theft.

Recent polling indicates that a majority of Californians support amending Proposition 47, a sentiment Bianco reaffirmed based on conversations with voters.

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