Trump Exec Sentenced for Perjury

( – Being unsure and uncertain about his carееr after this event, the Former Chief Financial Officer of the Trump Organization was sentenced to five months in jail for lying under oath during Donald Trump’s civil business fraud trial.

In a brief hearing in Manhattan criminal court, Allen Weisselberg chose not to speak before the judge. The 76-year-old former executive is expected to head straight to New York City’s Rikers Island to start serving time for two counts of perjury in the first degree.

This is not Weisselberg’s first time behind bars connected to his work for Trump’s company. Last year, he spent three months in Rikers after he admitted helping run a tax fraud scheme at the business.

Weisselberg’s Attorney, Seth Rosenberg, said in a statement, “Allen Weisselberg accepted responsibility for his conduct and now looks forward to the end of this life-altering experience and to returning to his family and his retirement.”

The office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought the tax and perjury charges and is also prosecuting Trump on charges of falsifying business records as part of a hush-money scheme.

That trial is set to start Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court, but Weisselberg was not required to testify.

Trump’s lawyers tried many times to delay the trial, saying Weisselberg’s sentencing was deliberately scheduled near it to create more bad press for Trump, but New York appellate judges rejected those attempts this week.

Weisselberg admitted in early March that he lied during his testimony in the civil fraud trial led by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Trump and others.  He falsely said he was unfocused on the details of Trump’s apartment which was valued much higher on Trump’s financial statements than its actual worth.

He also pleaded guilty to two counts of lying about the size of the apartment during a 2020 deposition.

Likewise, he admitted to three more perjury counts for false statements he made in a May 2023 deposition and during his trial testimony in October.

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