Trump Misses Court Date?

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

Ex-President Trump has chosen not to attend his forthcoming court appearance concerning additional charges in the classified information case.

Previously, Trump went to court to deny the 37 allegations in the initial charges, but his hearing for the three recent accusations is set for August 10.

Trump, together with his lawyer, submitted a document on Friday, indicating he won’t be present in court. Although the prosecution team signaled they won’t object to his non-appearance, the decision is still pending the judge’s approval.

The document also suggests that Trump will deny the new charges.

This is just one of the three legal cases Trump is contending with. He’s also dealing with federal charges relating to his actions post the 2020 election and allegations in New York concerning a confidential payment. Trump has consistently referred to these legal actions as politically motivated attacks.

In the case about confidential documents, special counsel Jack Smith charged Trump on June 8, alleging he intentionally kept national defense data and hindered the government’s effort to obtain the papers. Walt Nauta, an associate of Trump, was also indicted.

Recently, the prosecution introduced three more charges against Trump and added a new defendant, Mar-a-Lago manager Carlos De Oliveira. The allegations claim that Trump, Nauta, and De Oliveira tried to erase security videos after it was demanded for the probe.

While Trump was present for his past three court appearances, the upcoming one will mark his initial appearance for an enhanced charge. So far, Trump hasn’t attended any following sessions for his ongoing legal battles.