Trump Takes Command

Donald Trump

( – Showing sustained political strength, former President Donald Trump has extended his lead over Joe Biden in potential electoral matchups, as revealed in a new poll.

According to a Harvard CAPS/Harris survey, when pitted head-to-head, Trump leads Biden 46% to 41%, with a 14% undecided portion. This is a slight increase from the September figures of 44% to 40%. However, when introducing Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who recently declared himself as an independent, into a three-way race, Trump maintained the lead at 39%, Biden at 33%, and Kennedy got 19% of the support, leaving 9% undecided.

Adding to this dynamic, the inclusion of Cornel West in a hypothetical four-way matchup gives Trump a further 2-point advantage over Biden. In all these scenarios – whether a direct face-off, a three-way, or a four-way race – Trump consistently leads among independent voters with percentages of 39%, 31%, and 31%, respectively.

In reflecting on these results, Kennedy commented that “the most striking result” was that a majority from both Democratic and Republican camps, as well as a large portion of independents, expressed the country’s need for an alternative to Trump and Biden. He added, “I will do everything I can to live up to the public’s positive impression. I’ll do that by conducting a campaign that is courteous and respectful and that speaks to the good in people. I’ll listen to the best of what liberals and conservatives have to offer. It is a rejection of a divisive, us-versus-them politics. We have to change the reflex of labeling our opponents as horrible people.”

Another poll by USA Today/Suffolk University presented similar insights. Trump and Biden are tied at 41% for a potential 2024 election. However, the introduction of Kennedy at 14% gives Trump a slight disadvantage. Cornel West’s candidacy increases Trump’s chances against Biden in another scenario.

Meanwhile, a Reuters/Ipsos survey from early October found Kennedy potentially drawing votes from both Trump and Biden. Here, Trump narrowly edged out Biden by 2 points in a three-way race.

RealClearPolitics’ average data for potential 2024 primary contenders shows Trump leading the Republican field with 59.1% and Biden topping the Democratic field with 70.3%. Notably, Kennedy shifted from the Democratic Party to run as an independent on October 9. West, initially seeking the Green Party nomination, has also declared as an independent.

The Harvard CAPS/Harris poll was conducted among 2,116 registered voters from Oct. 18 to 19 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2%. Neither Trump, Biden, nor West provided immediate comments on the poll findings.