VIDEO: Texas Gov. Rips NYC Mayor

( – Fed up with one of the so many situations that affect the nation every day, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott strongly criticized Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams and accused him of worsening the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.

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During his Fox News interview, Abbott pointed fingers at Adams for aggravating the immigration crisis under the Biden administration.

Abbott’s remarks directly challenged Adams’ criticism of Texas for transporting thousands of undocumented migrants to New York City. Abbott argued that it is Biden who is truly manipulating migrants for political gain.

Abbott harshly asserted:

“The person who is actually using illegal immigrants as political pawns is Joe Biden. Joe Biden has created this open border policy that has allowed illegal immigrants into our country to appeal to and to appease the far leftists in the Democrat Party that people like [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortez in hopes of trying to win their support while at the same time destroying the country that he’s in charge of.”

He continued, “[H]e is the commander-in-chief in charge of national security for our country. Our country is being invaded in ways that put our country at risk because of the political games that Joe Biden has played.”

Abbott did not hold back his words while criticizing Adams and accusing him of supporting Biden’s policies by maintaining New York City’s sanctuary city status.

The Texas governor stressed that Mayor Adams was helping and supporting having a sanctuary city status where he welcomed anybody worldwide to establish in New York on the bill of the city.

He also emphasized that Mayor Adams needed to stop talking confidently about illegal aliens and the people that Texas was sending there.

Moreover, Abbott highlighted that Adams needed to boost up and do his own job because of the dangers the city was facing under his tenure.

Abbott concluded by urging Adams to prioritize the safety and welfare of New York City residents over engaging in political rhetoric concerning migrant issues.

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